Dedicated to Preserving the Health
of Your Kidneys

Here at Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc, we are dedicated to ensuring the health and optimal functioning of your kidneys throughout your entire lifespan. We lay great emphasis on patient education when it comes to the management of risk factors associated with conditions, such as hypertension and high blood pressure.

Not everything can be covered by prescriptions. While medications certainly play their part, diet and lifestyle changes are equally important for managing your condition effectively and preventing serious situations in the future.

Your Kidneys are Our Concern

We can help you learn about certain diets or meals you can use to help with your conditions. Some of the diets we recommend for certain conditions include the low-potassium diet. These nutrient-specific diets make life easier for your kidneys and help keep them healthy.

Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.

Patient Education

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