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Offering in-person & Telehealth Visits for the Diagnosis and
Treatment of Kidney Diseases Since 1986

Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.
Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.

Nephrology Medical Practice
in Antelope Valley, CA

Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc. is a specialty medical practice dedicated to providing the highest quality of treatment and care to patients with kidney-related conditions. We offer both telehealth (virtual) and in-person visits, serving patients across the cities of Lancaster, Palmdale, and Ridgecrest in the state of California.

Our mission is to improve the health of people through excellence in patient care with compassion, respect, and loyalty. Explore our website for more information related to our services, and get in touch to schedule an appointment.

Your Kidneys are Our Concern

An essential part of our urinary system, kidneys play a key role in removing waste products from our blood and regulating water fluid levels. In addition to excretion, kidneys serve several regulatory roles and homeostatic functions, such as the regulation of electrolytes, maintenance of acid-base balance, and regulation of blood pressure.

Here at Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group Inc, we offer personalized medical care for a wide array of kidney-related conditions, including electrolyte disturbances and hypertension. We also specialize in dialysis care and the management of chronic kidney diseases. Our website includes valuable materials and information to educate you on your health and help you better understand the function of your kidneys.

Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.

Why Choose Us

We bring together a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to ensuring quality care and service to each patient. Our patients are treated like family. We never lose our love for the health of our patients and prioritize their best interests under all conditions.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver amazing treatment results that change your life for the better. Please visit our FAQ page for commonly asked questions related to our practice.

Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.