AV Nephrology To make an appointment call: 661.948.1388

Q. What if I am running late for my appointment?
A. Please call the AVN office at 661-948-1388 to contact the appointment desk!

Q. My family doctor has just told me I should visit one of your doctors. Why is this?
A. Your family doctor may have noticed a symptom, or a laboratory finding, that could indicate a problem with your kidneys, or you may have a history, or a family history, of some condition that can sometimes lead to kidney disease. Your doctor knows that early evaluation and treatment is the best defense against chronic kidney disease and kidney failure.

Q. Why do I have to have a referral to be seen by one of the doctors at AVN
A. AVN is a specialty practice which provides care for persons with kidney-related conditions. We do not want you to have an unnecessary office visit with us if you are not sure ours is the type of practice you need. We will make an appointment for you to help prevent Chronic Kidney Disease or Dialysis in the future. We specialize in Hypertension and Diabetes which lead to CKD. Your family doctor or primary care physician (PCP) may suspect that you are having some sort of kidney problem and has shared his findings with us. We also require an Authorization if you are enrolled in a HMO Program.

Q. Why do I often have to get blood drawn before an appointment?
A. There are a number of factors in your blood which can indicate to your doctor, as time goes by, how your kidney disease is progressing, how well the prescribed treatment is working, and whether your prescriptions need to be adjusted.

Q. Why can’t I get my medical information by phone?
We are very careful to abide by the federal laws protecting the privacy of your medical information. We can have no certainty that the person on the phone is the person whose information is being requested, so we will not fax records or share them verbally. If you want your information shared, we will ask you for a written consent to send specific information to another doctor, or under certain circumstances your nephrologist may call you with the results of a test.

Q. What will I need to bring when I come to your office.
A. Your insurance card and one other form of ID. We need to know what medications you are taking, the dosage, and how often you take it. To better assess your doctors visit please bring any medical records of other doctors visits and medication changes. This will keep our records updated for your chart.