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Kidney Care in CA

Here at Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc, we have been specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide array of kidney disorders since 1986.

Our experienced team of doctors also takes care of patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. We combine unparalleled medical expertise and high-quality, compassionate care to improve your health and ensure life-changing results.

Our Service Locations

We have 2 locations with our main office in Lancaster. Ridgecrest is a mobile location that we travel to once per week. We service two dialysis units in Palmdale, one in Lancaster, and one in Ridgecrest with a doctor on call 24/7 at the hospitals and dialysis locations, including weekends and holidays.

In addition, we have 4 DaVita dialysis locations that we currently work with. The local hospitals we service are Antelope Valley Medical Center and Palmdale Regional Center.

Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.

What We Offer

We educate patients on kidney care and help effectively manage a wide array of diseases to prevent serious life-threatening conditions in the future. Conditions we assist with include, but are not limited to:

  • Refractory or difficulty in controlling hypertension

  • Nephrolithiasis or kidney stone disorders

  • Pre-eclampsia or pregnancy-induced kidney issues

  • Hypertension and diabetes

  • Other Internal Medicine Disorders, such as primary care for adults

Antelope Valley Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.